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Met Averse

So...what now?


Who Gets To Have Fun At Work?

Changing The Facebook Conversation

Calibrate Your Anxiety: The Debt Ceiling!

What Do We Do With All This Rage?

The Internet's Original Sin

The Algorithm Tweaks Won't Save Us

(Audio Post)What If People Don’t Want 'A Career?'

The Rage of the Career Defenders

Little Universes

What If People Don’t Want 'A Career?'

Work From Borg

What Happens on Facebook?

Never going back again

"It Just Is"

Reasons for Vaccine Optimism

"Air Will Find A Way"

I Need To Stop Scrolling

Reasons for Vaccine Optimism

The Simone Biles Culture War Traveled Faster Than The News

'Is Facebook killing people?' is the wrong question.

"Air Will Find A Way"

I Read The Whole Internet

This Isn't About Space Bezos

We Are Not Ready

The Biden/Facebook Fight Is Part Of The Problem

Congrats, You're A Climate Reporter Now

How To Have Difficult Conversations

We Are Not Ready

This is the Awful Voice Inside My Head

What The 'Return To The Office' Fight Is Really About

"I need you to just be there. I need you to hold my story."

Your Wrong Opinions

What Newsrooms Still Don’t Understand About the Internet

You Need A Better Out Of Office Message

Recommendations/time wasters to delight you!

Bo Burnham And The Online Condition

5 Quick Thoughts On Facebook's Trump Decision

Should we ignore the bad tweets?

The internet is flat.

Cursed Photos Of Your Dogs

'Extremely Isolated, And Yet Never Alone'

Night Thread: What's a good OOO email response?

Crowds Are Good

You (Yes, You!) Are Trapped In An Audience

Who is your dream interview?

It's Time For A Summer Slowdown

The Case For Inbox Infinity

The Absurdity is the Point

The future of work is not threatening your employees

Trump's New Blog Is a Trap

How to Perform a Social Media Autopsy

Should we do a book club?

Executives don’t decide if the company culture is good. Employees do.

Can We Do Better Than Deplatforming?

The Failing Galaxy Brain

Facebook Wants To Help Creators And I'm Worried.

"The future of work is not working."

Your Sidechannel Link Is Here

Lets Get Weird On Sidechannel!

A Ship Got Stuck. So He Built A Website.

Thread: Rules We Should Get Rid Of

"It's Not Cancel Culture — It's A Platform Failure."

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